Places of Worship

With 62.8% of people identifying as religious in the area, Columbus, Georgia is home to many faiths and denominations. Columbus not only serves as a beacon of Southern charm but also as a melting pot of diverse cultures and faiths.

This guide aims to acquaint you with some of the places of worship this city has to offer. While the following list is far from exhaustive, it reflects the rich tapestry of faith communities and spiritual gatherings available.

Whether you’re new to the area or seeking a spiritual home, you’ll find that Columbus’ places of worship mirror the city’s wide-ranging diversity and commitment to fostering inclusive communities. For more exhaustive options, explore the directories linked below for even more places of worship.

Baptist churches in Columbus

Out of all religions and denominations, Baptist is the most common in Columbus, with 30.2% of religious people identifying as such. From First Baptist, Cascade Hills, Calvary Baptist, and Morningside Baptist — there are so many wonderful churches to explore. We’ve listed a couple of churches below that vary in location and size for you to review.

To see a full directory of Baptist churches in the area, click here.

Glenn Anthony Baptist Church
  • Address: 1109 39th St, Columbus, GA 31904
  • Phone Number: 706-322-2800
  • About: Glenn Anthony Baptist Church is known to be friendly and genuine, welcoming anyone who comes their way. They live-stream their services when able.
  • Youth Groups/Opportunities: The church has a Kaos program for church youth.
Grace Baptist Church
  • Address: 2915 14th Ave, Columbus, GA 31904
  • Phone Number: 706-323-1046
  • About: The history of Grace Baptist Church goes back to 1946. Today, the Church serves the Columbus and Phenix City areas as a fundamental, independent Baptist Church.
  • Youth Groups/Opportunities: Grace Baptist Church offers a weekly Youth Bible Study every Wednesday at 7:00 pm, in addition to afterglows, summer camps, and mission trips.
Second Baptist Church
  • Address: 2800 2nd Ave, Columbus, GA 31904
  • Phone Number: 706-324-1358
  • Email:
  • About: Second Baptist Church is a growing church in Columbus. It’s open to worshippers of all ages and backgrounds and has a long, proud history of serving the Columbus area.

Catholic churches in Columbus

With over 35,000 Catholics in Georgia, there are several gorgeous Catholic churches to attend mass and other services in Columbus.

For a directory of more Catholic churches, click here.

The Church of the Holy Family
  • Address: 320 12th St, Columbus, GA 31901
  • Phone Number: 706-323-6908
  • Email:
  • About: Over 400 registered families make the Church of the Holy Family their religious home. The church’s history goes back to 1880 and the building itself is a beautiful work of architecture.
  • Youth Groups/Opportunities: The Church of the Holy Family offers Sunday School and religious education for youth ages pre-K to 9th grade on Sundays from 9:30 am to 10:45 am.
St. Anne Catholic Church
  • Address: 2000 Kay Cir, Columbus, GA 31907
  • Phone Number: 706-561-8678
  • Email:
  • About: The St. Anne Catholic Church has over 1,200 families that come from many backgrounds. They’re ready to welcome new members, even those who are just in town for a few days.
  • Youth Groups/Opportunities: The St. Anne Catholic Church offers a Youth Choir, Middle School Youth Ministry, and High School Youth Ministry.
St. Benedict the Moor
  • Address: 2935 9th St, Columbus, GA 31906
  • Phone Number: 706-323-8300
  • Email:
  • About: Benedict the Moor is a predominantly Black church that offers liturgy every day of the week except Monday. The church is a historically African American Christian community that welcomes cultural diversity.
  • Youth Groups/Opportunities: The church offers a Youth Catechesis for those younger than 18.

Episcopal churches in Columbus

Episcopal churches in Columbus have a long history spanning over a hundred years and you’ll find them to be incredibly welcoming of newcomers. If you’re Episcopal in Columbus, you’ll find a gracious home at one of the following churches.

To see a list of more Episcopal churches, click here.

Chattahoochee Valley Episcopal
  • Address: 5001 12th St, Columbus, GA 31906
  • Phone Number: 706-327-2836
  • About: The Chattahoochee Valley Episcopal Ministry recently celebrated its 40th year of existence serving the greater Columbus area. They partner with United Way’s 211 program, where residents of Columbus can dial 211 for Direct Service.
  • Youth Groups/Opportunities: Every summer, the ministry offers TAP, an intercultural and interfaith art program for children.
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
  • Address: 2100 Hilton Ave, Columbus, GA 31906
  • Phone Number: 706-324-4264
  • About: Thomas Episocpal Church welcomes all people to join their worship and is committed to diversity in race, gender, age, and LGBTQ+ status.
  • Youth Group/Opportunities: Thomas Episcopal Church offers a Children’s Ministry and Sunday school, a youth ministry, as well as a nursery for babies and toddlers.
Trinity Episcopal Church
  • Address: 1130 1st Ave, Columbus, GA 31901
  • Phone Number: 706-322-5569
  • About: The cornerstone of Trinity Episcopal Church was laid in 1890 and the church has since welcomed people at all stages of their faith journey. With services on both Sundays and Wednesdays in addition to live-streamed services, Trinity Episcopal Church appeals to many audiences.
  • Youth Groups/Opportunities: Trinity Episcopal Church offers both a Children’s Ministry and a Youth Ministry.

Hindu temples in Columbus

There are more than 40,000 Hindus in Georgia, and while most are located in and around the Atlanta metro area, there are also many people practicing Hinduism in Columbus. The beautiful Columbus Indian Temple is a home for many of them.

To find more Hindu temples in the United States, click here.

Columbus Indian Temple
  • Address: 2601 Double Churches Rd, Columbus, GA 31909
  • Phone Number: 706-507-5599
  • Email:
  • About: The Columbus Indian Temple is a non-profit organization serving the Columbus area. It offers daily prayer servers as well as virtual services

Methodist churches in Columbus

Methodism has a rich history in Columbus. Some Methodist churches in Columbus were even started hundreds of years ago. Below, you’ll find a variety of Methodist churches in the area, so you can find the right one for you and your family.

To see a directory of more United Methodist churches, click here.

Rose Hill United Methodist Church
  • Address: 2101 Hamilton Rd, Columbus, GA 31904
  • Phone Number: 706-323-5761
  • About: Rose Hill UMC’s goal is to help the less fortunate. They provide services like the Safe House, which helps the homeless, as well as a library, computer room, and free meals.
St. Mary’s Road United Methodist Church
  • Address: 3993 St Marys Rd, Columbus, GA 31907
  • Phone Number: 706-689-8707
  • Email:
  • About: Mary’s Road UMC offers a warm worshiping environment for all of its church members. The church aims to “transcend political, socioeconomic, age, gender and racial boundaries” with its service to create a stronger community.
St. Paul United Methodist Church
  • Address: 2101 Wildwood Ave, Columbus, GA 31906
  • Phone Number: 706-327-7419
  • About: Paul Methodist Church is a church with an incredible history, founded years ago in 1858. Today, St. Paul UMC supports its members with large events, several worship times, and live-streamed worship.
  • Youth Groups/Opportunities: Paul offers a preschool, a children’s ministry, and a youth ministry.

Mosques in Columbus

While Christianity has the most followers in Columbus, the city is very welcoming to other religions, including Islam. Below, you’ll find a couple of local mosques to practice your faith and help you find your community in Columbus.

For a list of Masjids, Mosques, and Islamic Centers in the US, click here.

Masjid Abdullah Bin Mas’ud
  • Address: 1640 5th Ave, Columbus, GA 31901
  • About: Masjid Abdullah Bin Mas’ud is located adjacent to the Linwood Cemetery in central Columbus. The building has separate facilities for women and adequate wash facilities.
Masjid Al-Nur
  • Address: 753 Church Ave, Columbus, GA 31906
  • Phone Number: 706-324-2488
  • About: Masjid Al-Nur is a smaller Muslim community mosque. It features relatable teachings and a close-knit community for holidays such as Ramadan.

Non-denominational churches in Columbus

Whether you’re looking to begin worship in Columbus, or if you just prefer a non-denominational church, Columbus has several worship centers to offer you. These centers are known for being welcoming to new members, so don’t be shy!

For a directory of non-denominational churches in the USA, click here.

Church of the Highlands Columbus Campus
  • Address: 801 Front Ave, Columbus, GA 31901
  • Phone Number: 205-980-5577
  • About: The Church of the Highlands as a whole exists to provide a welcoming environment for new Christians, more established Christians, and people unsure of their faith.
  • Youth Groups/Opportunities: Highlands Kids is a kid-oriented program offered by the church as a whole. The Church of the Highlands also offers nursery and elementary school programs.
New Generations Unified Church
  • Address: 4408 Gilbert Ave, Columbus, GA 31904
  • Phone Number: 706-322-6462
  • About: The New Generations Unified Church is a friendly, and welcoming church located near Columbus Technical College slightly east of Bibb City. The church aims to provide a warm environment for worship for all of its members.
Words of Wisdom Christian Center
  • Address: 420 38th St, Columbus, GA 31904
  • Phone Number: 706-571-0885
  • About: This women-led church is heavily involved with the community. Located close to Bibb City, the church is known for its kindness and openness to new members.

Presbyterian churches in Columbus

Presbyterian churches are known for a form of church government that stresses the activity of both church members and church leaders, and the several Presbyterian churches in Columbus are no different. You’ll find welcoming people and the ability to participate actively in Columbus’ Presbyterian churches.

Click here to see a directory of Presbyterian Church USA locations or click here for Presbyterian Church in America locations.

Carver Heights Presbyterian
  • Address: 3140 8th St, Columbus, GA 31906
  • Phone Number: 706-571-9144
  • Email:
  • About: Carver Heights Presbyterian is known as a welcoming institution in the Columbus community. They often live-stream their events and services for all to enjoy.
Edgewood Presbyterian Church
  • Address: 3617 Macon Rd, Columbus, GA 31907
  • Phone Number: 706-561-5137
  • Email:
  • About: Edgewood Presbyterian Church has been a foundational part of the Chattahoochee Valley community since 1952. “EPC” not only stands for the church’s name; it also means “Every Person Counts.”
First Presbyterian Church
  • Address: 1100 1st Ave, Columbus, GA 31901
  • Phone Number: 706-322-4523
  • About: First Presbyterian Church offers a modern message with a traditional service. They are welcoming of new members and incredibly open to children’s participation in the church.
  • Youth Groups/Opportunities: The Sunday School hosted by First Presbyterian Church is available to kids, and Children’s Church is also an option; children are invited up front during the Sunday 11:00 am service for the “children’s sermon.”
Grace Presbyterian Church
  • Address: 7211 Britton Dr, Columbus, GA 31904
  • Phone Number: 706-707-8865
  • About: Grace Presbyterian Church offers a “blended” style of worship with traditional and new hymns. You’ll see suits, jeans, and business casual wear on a Sunday at Grace. Grace Presbyterian welcomes people of all ages, races, and stages of life.
  • Youth Group/Opportunities: Grace Presbyterian Church offers age appropriate instruction and worship at the heart of their ministry.

Synagogues in Columbus

Judaism has a very rich history in Columbus. In fact, one of the oldest Jewish synagogues in Georgia is in Columbus. Whether you attend weekly or just on holidays, you’ll be able to choose from a few different synagogues in the area.

For a directory of synagogues in the United States, click here.

Shearith Israel Synagogue
  • Address: 6727 River Rd, Columbus, GA 31904
  • Phone Number: 706-323-1443
  • Email:
  • About: Shearith Israel is an active Jewish community in Columbus that hosts a supportive environment for Jewish prayer, worship, and learning. It was founded in 1891 and has a long history of combining traditional and newer Jewish teachings.
Temple Israel
  • Address: 1617 Wildwood Ave, Columbus, GA 31906
  • Phone Number: 706-323-1617
  • Email:
  • About: Temple Israel was founded originally as Temple B’nai Israel and is the second-oldest Jewish congregation in Georgia. The temple is affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism.
  • Youth Groups/Opportunities: Temple Israel Religious School (TIRS) offers a program with a curriculum from early childhood to confirmation for Jewish youth.

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